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Ramblings from a neurodivergent Brain- How to manage Stress

We all have stress. But doesn’t it feel like some days, it is just an out of control mudslide, moving down a mountain at an incredibly awkward speed with no hope but creating a pile of big brown crap at the bottom… That metaphor vividly captures how overwhelming and uncontrollable stress can feel at times, […]

Holidays and Loss Part 2- The final Act

After posting the first blog in this series, Loss and the Holidays Part one, I was reminded by some readers that loss comes in so many different forms. As one man pointed out, who lost his wife of 53 years, his memories bring comfort to him. Perhaps it keeps his spouse alive in his heart […]

Loss and Holiday time.  Part 1

Family celebrating Holidays at dinner table

Have you seen the new Chevrolet holiday ad? Just Click Here Oh this was a really hard commercial to watch and it made me think about the feelings of loss that can be triggered for many people around the holiday season. I think I have been very aware of this because of the work I […]

What does Neurodivergent mean and What is Neurodiversity?


Neurodiversity is really the idea that our neurological differences are based on a human genome, our DNA, rather than a disorder, a pathology, a problem that needs to be fixed so we can be more like everyone else. I have written on this page