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The Therapy Process
How Does all this work?

We’re here for you… you’ve got this!

We’re here for you… we want to make coming to therapy as easy as possible so we have given you a couple of ways to reach out to us with links on this page. You can call us, email us, or go directly to Jane and book a complimentary meet and greet for your therapy or read our profiles and the therapist you would like to see if you can connect with.

If you send an inquiry, our client care coordinator will reach out within 24 business hours by email and will call you within 48 hours to talk about your needs and help match you with a therapist who best fits your requirements. If you prefer to speak with us through email only you can ask for that in your inquiry. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and safe with this process so we will take your lead. We know that the beginning can feel a bit intimidating as you really don’t know us yet. We know that will get better as we move along this process.

Initial Consultation

The Meet and Greet, an initial complimentary 20 minute conversation (virtually), will be booked at your convenience. During this consultation you can talk about your goals and hopes for therapy, what you think you might want in a therapist as far as availability for sessions. For example, are you looking for virtual, in person or perhaps a hybrid version with a bit of both.

This time gives you a chance to get to know your therapist a bit better before you begin your first therapy session. This meet and greet is complimentary. It is not therapy because let’s face it, you don’t even know us yet. We need to earn that trust and build a safe connection with you. It is a chance to ask the therapist about their experiences, their education or even if they think they can help you. Our goal is to always make sure the fit is right for you, at any time you can reach out to Laura or our client care coordinator or your therapist if things need to be adjusted.

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Assessment – Get to Know you

During the first and second session you and your therapist will set goals for therapy, talk about your current situation, learn more about your strengths, your history and hopes. As we gather more information about you we will begin to understand what you are struggling with and how best to move forward together. If you are a parent bringing your child to therapy the first session will only include both parents, and not the child. We would like to collect some historical and developmental information that is often not child friendly. If you are separated or divorced we require the parent/parents with decision making to sign the informed consent, we prefer both parents where applicable consent.


Now that you’ve had a chance to connect with your therapist, gain insights into what to expect, set treatment goals, and understand your therapist’s approach, it’s important to emphasize that your voice matters throughout this journey. Therapy is built on communication, collaboration, and the creation of a safe space for exploration. Your feedback on all these aspects is invaluable to us. Your therapist will actively seek your input and thoughts as you continue your therapeutic journey. Your well-being and progress are at the heart of our work together.

Moving Forward

Ongoing therapy is a dynamic and evolving process. We adapt to your changing needs and growth, and it’s completely normal for there to be moments where it feels like you’re taking steps backward – these are all part of the journey. This is the phase where you start to apply and practice the skills you acquire, ask questions, and perhaps even make notes of important insights to remember throughout your week. We progress at a pace that ensures your safety and support while also nurturing your healing and pursuit of your goals.