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Start Here

We’re here for you… you’ve got this!


Sometimes if can feel overwhelming to know how to find your way. We know taking the first step to reach out for support is not easy. You can reach out in whichever way you feel most comfortable – give us a call or fill out the information below to have one of our staff members reach out to start the process. We look forward to supporting you along your journey of wellness!

There are a few ways to take  your first step:

  1. Through this website – click here request an appointment
  2. Call 705-985-6463 and speak with our Client Care Coordinator 
  3. Questions before you book? Click here to submit a general inquiry

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Once our intake co-ordinator receives your inquiry they will reach out within 24-48 business hours and talk to you about your needs and help match you  with a therapist who best fits your requirements.  You can read profiles of our therapists here.

Initial Consultation- The Meet and Greet an initial  15-20 minute conversation (virtually) will be booked at your convenience  where you can talk about your goals, needs, and availability for sessions. This gives you a chance to get to know your therapist a bit better before you begin your first therapy session.  This meet and greet is free.

Assessment – Get to Know you

During the first and second session you and your therapist will set goals for therapy, talk about your current situation, learn more about your strengths, your history and hopes.  As we gather more information about you we will begin to understand what you are struggling with and how best to move forward together.


So know you have been talking with your therapist, learning what to expect, setting goals for treatment and understanding how your therapist works a bit.  This is the part, well really all of the time, when we need to hear about how this is working for you.  Therapy is about communication, collaboration,  and creating an environment in which you can feel safe and ready to explore.  So your feedback about all of that is very important to us.  

Moving Forward

Ongoing therapy is a moving and changing process. We shift and change with your needs and your growth. Sometimes it might feel like you are going backwards but it is all part of the process. So this is the part where you begin learning and practicing the skills you learn, asking questions, or even taking notes of things you don’t want to forget during your week. We move at the pace that feels safe and supportive while at the same time supporting your healing and goals.